Comparing Car Title Loans to Alternatives

Payday Loans When you need an emergency loan to take care of some business, there are a whole host of options out there, but are they as useful and flexible as a car title loan? Other avenues flaunt their supposed superiority, but in comparison to title loans, just how are they stacking up? The truth is, many of these possibilities come with certain limitations that title loans can avoid due to their unique attributes. What exactly sets them apart? It’s an interesting question and one that Embassy Loans is here to help get to the bottom of. We’ve been in the loan business for a while, and we know some of the reasons that people choose to make use of title loans instead of other kinds of quick cash infusion strategies. The answers might surprise you!

One method that people will attempt is the bank loan. Personal bank loans tout their lower interest rates, but in reality, these rates are often the same as standard credit card rates. Also, they can take a long time to obtain, and in many cases, individuals cannot obtain them because the bank may necessitate very stringent requirements on who they will and who they will not lend money. With title loans, there is more freedom, and they are much more accessible to the everyday person who just needs the money quickly to use for personal reasons.

Payday loans are another option, but many people know that these kinds of loans are sometimes more trouble than they are worth as the size of the loans are much lower than the amount needed, and troublesome for the average consumer. Emergency loans from an employer can be an option, but again, these are not always available, and repayment terms can vary so wildly that it’s difficult to predict how one will fit them in to their financial schemes. One other option, pawning valuables, might seem similar to a car title loan, but the item you pawn remains in the custody of the pawnbroker while you repay the amount. With a car title loan, the car stays with you, making it a much better alternative as you still have use of your primary means of transport.

Indeed, you’ll want to make sure that you are dealing with a loan company that is reputable and has fair terms that you can meet, but this is all a matter of doing proper research before entering an agreement. You can easily speak with a representative who can lay out all the facts for you, let you know how much you will get for your vehicle on a title loan, and explain the repayment agreement in simple language that will make sense.