Car Maintenance Tips

Car Repairs A vehicle is one of the biggest financial investments that you will make in your lifetime. It makes sense that you ought to take care of your car or truck and get the most out of it. There are several basic maintenance issues that can help keep your car in great shape and extend its life. Here are a few.


Wheels & Tires


You should check your tire pressure regularly. Once a week is ideal although you could get away with checking twice per month. Properly inflated tires will improve your fuel economy and the handling of your vehicle. While checking pressure, you can also check the depth of your tread. Tires that are losing their tread can be dangerous. It is also a good idea to clean the brake dust from your wheels. The dust bakes onto your wheels and does not look good.


The Engine


You should check your oil level periodically, and keep a log book of your oil and oil filter changes. You should be changing these about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Your engine will not function correctly without oil. It also will not function without coolant. Check your coolant levels when you check your oil. Be careful when you do so. Do not take the radiator cap off while the coolant system is hot – it can burn you. Check the coolant reservoir to see if more needs to be added.


Lights, Belts, and More


It is important that all of your lights work. Obviously, you need the headlights to drive at night, but you also need your turn signals and brake lights to function properly. This ensures your safety as well as that of the other motorists around you. If you must replace any of your bulbs, be sure not to touch any of the glass. This can cause the bulb to crack.


Examine your belts while your hood is open. While you may not be a car guru, you can surely tell if one of your belts is loose. If something does not look right, have it checked out by a professional. Being proactive can save you hundreds of dollars in the future.


Maintaining Your Vehicle Can Pay Off


Keeping your vehicle in good shape has a number of advantages, even ones you may have never considered. There are times when you may need to borrow money quickly. Vehicle owners can take out a car title loan from Embassy Loans within a day or two. A car that has been well-maintained and is in great condition will be worth more than one that is not.