Best Sources Of Emergency Funds

Fast Cash In the past five years, the American economy has been somewhat stale, to say the least. Job growth has been limited and the unemployment rate is significantly higher. To say that there are many families struggling is, most likely, an understatement. For those who may be approaching a time when they will need access to a quick source of cash, here are a few sources.

Traditional Loans

Acquiring a traditional loan from a bank or other financial institution is not what it used to be. While interest rates are historically low, the requirements to obtain a loan have made it much more difficult for the average person to be approved to receive cash. Plus, the process to obtain a traditional loan is long and painful. Banks and credit unions will check credit histories and employment backgrounds to ensure that potential borrowers can repay what they borrow. While still a source of funds, many strapped for emergency cash these days just will not qualify.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can offer some relief if a household’s cards are not maxed out already. The average household in America holds a little over $7,000 in credit card debt. Those households that are the most indebted average outstanding balances of $15,252. Still, as a source of emergency funds, a credit card can be used. If you have an emergency car repair or need a plumbing problem fixed in your home, a credit card can come in handy to get you through the emergency. Paying the debt off may become a problem later on down the road.

Payday Loans

If you have a decent job and have a need for a small amount of emergency cash, you may be able to secure a payday loan. This type of loan is secured against future paychecks. Lenders verify your employment and identification and can process a payday loan pretty quickly, sometimes within a half an hour. Once the process is complete, borrowers have access to their cash right away.

Car Title Loans

Not as popular as more traditional loans are vehicle title loans, which are secured against a car or truck that you own. If you have a vehicle with a clear title, you can qualify for one of these loans. Lenders, like Florida’s Embassy Loans for example, will need to assess the value of your vehicle, see a copy of the title, and verify your identity. Borrowers fill out an application and lenders usually have the funds available within 24 hours.