5 Tricks To Save Money This Halloween

Ways to save money for halloween

Wait for sales to purchase Halloween candy:
The second we start seeing halloween decorations, we all think, The trick-or-treaters are all coming! We must stock up, NOW! However, we tend to buy the first candy we see and not wait on sales. Publix has BOGO and Target has One-day Cartwheel promotions which is an excellent way to save on Halloween candy.

Check out dollar shops for décor:
You do not need spend money on expensive halloween decorations. Go to your local Dollar store and buy all your halloween decor needs, from tableware to front porch scares, you can make a really terrifying impact on a very small budget.

Shop early or late:
If you don’t need to acquire the latest costume of the season, it is ideal to look right before Halloween to receive the best deals of the year. Discounts could be up to 50 percent. Truly the best time is right after Halloween and save it for next year. That’s when costume costs have been dropped by 75 percent.

Buy Used:
Goodwill’s site has a unique page dedicated to Halloween. The site features makeup tutorials and shows how shoppers can produce a costume with up to three items in the thrift chain. Shoppers can purchase a costume in its entirety such as wig, shoes, and headbands for an average cost of $30.

Swap Costumes:
Many men and women maintain their halloween costumes from prior years, but nevertheless want something fresh every year. Ask a friend who is roughly the same size as you, to swap outfits from preceding decades.

Take an Uber or a Lyft if drinking:
If you are going to drink a little bit during halloween, be safe and take an Uber or a Lyft! There will be plenty of kids and police on the streets and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Embassy Loans wishes everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.We hope these tips above can save you some money! Always keep an eye open for good halloween deals to some money!