5 Money Saving Tips that Everyone Needs to Remember

Money Saving Ideas When it comes to saving money, all of us could use a few tips to keep us on track. Saving money is not something that is easy to do and many people struggle with it. However, when you follow these tips, you will find that you can easily save money on things that you do regularly which will lead to more money in your pocket and a brighter financial future.

1. Turn Down the Heat/AC

Living in Florida, you may not often have the furnace pumping, but there are some cold, and very hot, times of the year. You can save a ton of money on your energy bills by lowering the temperature on your thermostat. When it is cold, grab some extra blankets.  When hot, grab a fan or two in order to circulate the air.

2. Shop Sales

Another way that you can save money is by shopping sales. However, it is important to only shop sales when you really need something, not just to save money on something you don’t need.

3. Buy in Bulk

When it makes sense, buy in bulk.  You will probably be surprised by what you can save. Make sure, when you buy in bulk, that you are buying non-perishable items and not items that are going to go bad. After all, that would not be a great way to save!

4. Make Coffee at Home

Some people may wonder why we even mention this, but with the amount of money that companies make on fancy coffee drinks, it is certainly something to think about. In most cases, you can make the same exact drinks that you spend $4-$5 on at your favorite coffee shops at home for less than a $1. That can be a savings of over $100 each month. All you need are the ingredients, a coffee pot and blender.

5. Stop Driving

Finally, you can save a lot of money by walking or biking instead of driving, when feasible.  For example, if you need to pick a few things up at the local drug store that is just a mile or two away, walk or bike there instead of drive. Not only will you save on gas, your car insurance may go down too.

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