10 Ways To Save On Your Utility Bills

Utility BillsUtility bills driving you crazy?  Did you get a surprise this month that you didn’t budget for?  Embassy can help you with an auto title loan to get that surprise paid off, but how do you keep it from happening again?  Here’s ten tips that may not seem like a big deal, but take them all together and you can save real money every month.

1. Turn Off The Lights

It’s easy to leave the room without turning off the lights. However, if you forget to check the lights before leaving for the day the cost can add up over time. Make it a habit to turn off lights when you leave the room.

2. Turn Down The Water Heater

The water heater at your home is set to a specific temperature. Higher temperatures take more energy and cost more money. Most people don’t need their tap water to be that hot, so consider turning down your water heater to be no more than 110 degrees.

3. Turn Down The Thermostat

There is nowhere in Florida where you are likely to freeze to death. Turn the heater down to 65 when you are up and about and turn it off at night and when you are gone. Invest in some blankets and a bathrobe instead.

4. Turn Down The A/C

Being hot is miserable but that doesn’t mean your A/C needs to work as hard as it does. Put it on a timer so that you can come home to a cool house without running it all day. Use the timer at night, too, so that it goes off after a few hours.  Can’t afford the timer right now?  Just shut the A/C off when you are not at home.

5. Fix The Dripping Faucet

Did you realize that a dripping faucet often costs at least a $1 per month in wasted water?  Most leaks are easy and cheap to fix.  If you are not handy enough to tackle it yourself, find a friend that owns a wrench and screwdriver.  Shouldn’t cost you more than a beer.

6. Run Appliances Only When Full

Running the dishwasher when it is full takes less water than doing the dishes by hand. However, this is not true if it is half-empty. Use the “small load” setting on your washing machine when appropriate or wait for it to fill up.

7. Turn Off The Water While You Shave And Brush

Men and women alike tend to leave the water running while they shave. Many people let the water run while they brush their teeth, too. It may not seem like a lot of waste but it can add up.

8. Investigate Government Utility Assistance Programs

Government assistance programs can help in some cases. People who must run medical equipment can often receive a lower rate on electricity, for instance. Low-income households may be eligible for a price break, too.  Call you utility company to find out about programs in your state.

9. Double Check The Bill

Make sure that your bill is correct every month. If there is a sudden spike that you haven’t anticipated, contact the utility company. Sometimes it might be a mistake and sometimes it can be a warning sign of a failing appliance.

10. Never Pay Your Bill Late

Late fees can cause your utility bill to increase significantly. If you are late enough your utilities may even be turned off. Your utility company may require an increased deposit after you are late with your bill, too.  These charges can change a big bill to an impossible one.  If you are faced with a surprise bill and no way to pay it on time, consider an auto title loan.  Embassy Loans can help get you a title loan fast and put the whole situation back in your control.