Preparing for Your 2016 Tax Return

Accountant holding large tax return refund

Seems as if the end of the year just slipped by, and that means a lot of things to many different people. There is the joy of the Christmas season filled with gatherings of friends and family. There is also the celebration of ringing in a New Year. But for those who work, the end of 2016 signals something else – filing a tax return. [continue reading…]

Are Car Title Loans Too Risky?

With any loan, there is always a risk involved. A lender always takes the risk that the borrower may not repay the money. Banks and other lending institutions put lots of time and effort into examining their potential borrowers. Loan applicants will have their employment history checked, and their credit history carefully scrutinized before a lender will agree to lend any amount of money. There are a variety of different loans in the marketplace including car title loans. Are car title loans risky? Let’s take a look. [continue reading…]

A Smart Solution to Tackling Long-Term Debt

At some point, the pain of living from paycheck to paycheck has to end. Paying off your debt is one step in eliminating that pain. Getting rid of your long-term debt can help your bank account, your budget, and most importantly your family. While talking about paying off debt is easy, actually doing it can be much more challenging. Here are a few easy steps you can take to get control of your debt. [continue reading…]

Should I Take an Advance on My Tax Refund?

Owe IRS With tax season on the horizon, early filers can apply for a loan based on the amount of their anticipated refund. Caution, however, is the byword. Some of these loans are not what they appear to be.  Several tax preparation services are offering low interest loans , some with attractive finance charges to those filers eligible for tax refunds. [continue reading…]

The Basics of Car Ownership

When you purchase a vehicle, you also buy into a significant amount of responsibility. Several things go along with owning a car including maintenance, repair, and more. Here are some of the things you should know about owning a car or truck, whether you have purchased a brand new vehicle or a used one. [continue reading…]

Paying for Septic Maintenance Using a Car Title Loan

Homeowners that are not connected to a city sewage system connect to their own septic system. All waste waters from the home go to a tank (or several tanks) located either above or below ground near the home. Septic tanks need pumping once every three to five years to ensure proper operation of the entire system. Septic tank cleaning will vary based on the size of a tank and costs will usually run between $200 and $500. Often, homeowners will forget to budget for septic tank maintenance since it is not an expense that occurs monthly or even yearly. What do you do when your tank needs to be cleaned and emptied, and you don’t have the money? A car title loan can help. [continue reading…]

Pawn Your Stuff or Take Out a Title Loan?

Emergency Cash “How to get money fast” is probably the number one thing most Americans would ask if they had a chance to speak with a magic spirit who could answer all their questions. Unfortunately, though, there’s no such thing—so people have to rely on good advice and common sense. Here’s a bit of both: the next time you need some money for a time sensitive expenditure, don’t bother with pawn shops. Look for more stable, reliable and safe ways to get money quickly, like taking out car title loans. If you have a vehicle, they provide a much healthier alternative. Here’s why: [continue reading…]

Let’s Get Smart About Car Title Loans

Too many people get themselves into money trouble because of poor decision making. It might sound cruel, but it’s a fact. Most average Americans are only a few bad choices away from financial catastrophe. This article isn’t here to scare you, though—it’s here to help you stay smart. Follow this advice, and you may find yourself with an unexpected lifeline the next time you get into tricky financial waters. [continue reading…]