Considering Drastic Measures To Reduce Your Debt

Financial-Pinch If you find that your debt is killing you, it’s time to make a change. Holding a high amount of debt can be a huge burden not only financially, but also emotionally. Take a step in the right direction and take some drastic measures to reduce your debt. [continue reading…]

Do You Qualify For A Car Title Loan?

Negotiating Car title loans have helped saved many from the brink of financial disaster. However, most people are not as familiar with the concept of an auto title loan as they are with traditional loans from a bank or a credit union. As a result, many people are unsure if they even qualify for a car title loan. Here is what you need to know. [continue reading…]

Don’t Move Back In With Your Parents

Foreclosure You have been living on your own for a while after graduation from college. Things have not been quite what you expected though. Your bills are starting to add up and, this month, you find yourself struggling to make all of your financial obligations. The dreaded thought of moving back in with your parents comes to mind, but you counter with a few ideas. [continue reading…]

Finding A Loan After Filing Bankruptcy

Bad Credit If your financial situation was so dire that you had to file for bankruptcy, you probably understand the effect that it has on your credit history. After you have had a bankruptcy discharged, your credit score takes quite a tumble, although it most likely was not too great to start. A common question among those who have filed concerns the ability to borrow money. Many people who file for bankruptcy soon after find themselves in a position to [continue reading…]

Finding The Best Car Title Loan Company

You Are Approved There are a number of different options for fast cash loans. As the financial picture in the U.S. began to falter in the late 2000s, these types of loans became more popular as traditional borrowing came to a halt. Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions have taken measures to curtail their lending. Those looking to borrow have found it difficult to do so, thus the rise of the quick cash loan. [continue reading…]

Four Ways To Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

dreamstimeextrasmall_18636169 The average household that has at least one credit card is said to have over $15,000 in credit card debt. Oftentimes, this debt becomes unmanageable and plays a huge role in creating financial disasters. Thankfully, there are some ways to get that debt paid off and do so fairly quickly. [continue reading…]

Furnish Your New Home With A Car Title Loan

Moving-Expenses It’s a buyers’ housing market with historically low interest rates and great prices on homes around the country. While many people are becoming homeowners for the first time, many of those same people are often left scrambling when it comes time to actually move into the house. They sometimes forget about associated costs like decorating and furnishing the home. After spending thousands of dollars on a home, it might be hard to find the funds necessary to buy couches, chairs, beds, and more. You might not be aware, but you may be able to use your vehicle to help. [continue reading…]

Get The IRS Off Your Back With A Car Title Loan

Money-Problems (1) Your elderly parents have both passed and their estate has now been passed on to you. It is a long and arduous legal process that you most likely do not understand very well. You trust your lawyers to take care of everything and in the end you receive a check. No matter the size of the inheritance, you are excited and decide to spend some of it. It might be a vacation or even a new car. Then, the bad news comes. [continue reading…]

Getting A Loan After Bankruptcy

dreamstimeextrasmall_34508232 If you have filed bankruptcy, it is crucial to begin rebuilding your credit as quickly as possible. One of the easiest ways to do so is to obtain a credit card. If you are able, you can get an unsecured credit card, begin using it, and pay the bill off in its entirety every month. You may have to get a secured or prepaid card due to having poor credit. Still, using the new card is a way to re-establish your credit history. Showing that you can make timely payments is one of the biggest factors in determining your credit score. [continue reading…]

Car-Collatoral If you have taken out a car title loan, you have turned over the title to your vehicle to your lender in exchange for receiving your money. The car title loan was a very quick and easy way to access cash for whatever reason. What do you do when the loan is paid off? There is a real simple process to follow to make sure that you regain your vehicle’s title. [continue reading…]