Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Title Loan

dos and donts

An auto title loan can be a great solution for many different types of financial challenges, including job loss, unexpected medical bills, education expenses, and much more. When acquiring a personal loan, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind to ensure that your experience is satisfactory, helpful, and moves you toward [continue reading…]

Birthday Parties on a Budget


When finances are tight and times are tough, it’s more important than ever to try and maintain as much normalcy for young family members as possible – and sometimes that incudes birthday parties. You may think you can’t afford a nice birthday party, but in fact, a great party does not need to cost much at all and kids will remember fun, [continue reading…]

Title Loan in Fast Food Parking Lot There is a new trend, it seems, in the title loan business. Companies are springing up everywhere offering to “Come to you” to write up your title loan. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? They will meet you at a local coffee house, and minutes later you drive away with cash in your hand. Well, there is a problem here. [continue reading…]

Why You Want a Title Loan

Title Loans vs Credit Cards Title loans have a bad reputation.  Your friends will tell you they are a rip-off and numerous articles warn you how “bad” they are.  The problem is none of those friends or articles can tell you where you are supposed to borrow money when times are tough.  Especially in Florida, where the industry is heavily regulated, title loans are actually a great choice.  There is no easier, faster, or more hassle free loan available to folks with a less than perfect credit score. [continue reading…]

Groom’s Guide To Wedding Costs

Bride and Groom in Car For the groom, a wedding can seem intimidating and alien. Many brides prepare for their weddings all their lives, and there are many traditions that grooms may not be aware of. While traditionally the funding of the wedding would be paid by the parents, today more couples are having to put up the cost of their wedding themselves. This means that a lot of new couples are starting their lives out in debt. By using some cost-cutting measures and keeping realistic expectations, a groom can help his beloved bride have the day of her dreams without breaking the bank. [continue reading…]

Moving? How much cash will it take?

Family Moving Are you ready to move into your first apartment? Are you tired of dealing with your current landlord? If you are considering a move, it is important to budget for the cost of moving. Moving is not as simple as packing up your belongings, paying for your first month’s rent, and settling into your new home. There are several different expenses [continue reading…]

Insurance Requirements For Auto Title Loans

Auto InsuranceAuto Equity Loans have a lot of advantages for the borrower.  Since they are secured by the value of the car, they are not based on your credit and they require very little paperwork.  However, since they depend of having a vehicle as the guarantee that the loan company will get it’s money back, both you and the loan company will want to make sure the value of the car is protected.  While that often gets done using insurance, there are options. [continue reading…]

You Can Get A Loan In Spite Of Bad Credit

Credit Score So your credit score isn’t good.  You’ve had some problems, and you need some cash to help get it all behind you.  No one loans to someone with bad credit, right?  Well, it turns out that’s wrong. [continue reading…]

Emergency Car Repairs – Are You Getting Taken?

Auto Repairs So, you turned the key this morning, but your car didn’t start?  Not a good way to begin the day.  When you take it in to the mechanic, did you ever wonder if you were being taken advantage of?  Here are a few money saving tips for handling emergency car repairs. [continue reading…]

Unpaid Medical Bills Got You Down? Make Them Go Away

Medical Bills When unexpected medical bills pop up, most people panic. You may be wondering how you’re ever going to get on top of that huge bill from the emergency room or your doctor. Believe it or not, you have a lot of options. The worst thing you can do is not visit a doctor when you really need one. You should never let the fear of a high bill keep you from getting medical attention that you need. It can truly become a life or death situation.

If you have a high medical bill that you aren’t able to pay, ask to speak with a Patient Advocate. This is a great option [continue reading…]